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  • SENEM E.

    Lizi is amazing, and we were so lucky to have her as our agent! We love working with her. We were first-home buyers, and we are not from US -so the whole process was very new to us! At every step, Lizi explained each and every document in detail and guided us about what to do. She is very knowledgeable about the market, so she can understand the house market very well. Once Lizi is your agent, you are not only a client to her. She cares about you, your time, your financial status, and she pays extra extra attention to what you actually want. Our home-search took around one and a half years, and we were waiting for our documents to be in order. In the times that we were not looking for a house, we did not feel any pressure from Lizi. She understood our situation, and worked with us. During home search, we always talked about the minuses of a home along with its pluses, and Lizi always sat down with us to review our options. Lizi is also very responsive to e-mails, even on a plane or in some other country! She will be there for you whenever you need her, and she has this great energy that helps you throughout the home search and afterwards. She does not hesitate to help, and she carefully examines each and every step that you are taking to make sure that everything is correct and in order. After we bought the house, she still checks on us to see if everything is going well. She also knows great contractors, so her help does not end when you get the house. And again, if it was not for her, we could never get our house. The house we were looking for was that house, but we crossed it off thinking that we cannot afford it. We didn’t tell her this, but the next day, she texted us saying that she found this gorgeous home that we would love, and that we may have a chance to get it. And as she said, we did! She goes to each and every open house that you may be interested in, so when you call her about the homes you saw, she can easily talk to you over the phone about everything related to the house. We would recommend Lizi to everyone without any hesitation, because she goes above and beyond to be there for you throughout the process. I cannot express enough how crucial she was in this process, and yet she made it so smooth. If you are looking for an agent whom will be there for you and work with you, then Lizi is the one!


    Real Estate Riddle. What makes a cross country move - from one obscenely high RE market to another - with two wild toddlers and a crate full of damaged furniture, positively bearable? LIZI TABET Who do you call when you have limited time, firm budget parameters and high expectations in your quest for a place on the peninsula to happily call home? LIZI TABET. And what could better than landing a home in your preferred neighborhood, that is comfortably within your budget, while also fulfilling 95% of your dream home 'wish list'? Buying this home PRE-LIST. Thank you, LIZI. Our family is 'California dreaming' in our new home, thanks to our new friend and advisor, Lizi Tabet. From the moment, we met Lizi, with her professional spunk and sensitive nature, we knew she was the perfect match for both our real estate challenge and our family. Her incredible intuition, host of connections and unbelievable patience were essential in successfully guiding us through the daunting process of swiftly finding a home for our family. She has been instrumental in helping our family find our way around the Peninsula - as well settle into our new home. Need a gardener? Call Lizi. Need a handyman? Lizi. Doctor recommendations? Lizi. She is our number one go-to for pretty much everything. Lizi's friendship and professional guidance is a most treasured gift - we cannot recommend her highly enough.


    Lizi Tabet is an extraordinary real estate agent. She is entirely dedicated to customer satisfaction, helps save time and money, is always ahead of schedule, has deep domain experience, provides reliable counseling, recommends competent service providers, uses state of the art DocuSign tools to facilitate execution of complex documents, accompanies every visitor to ensure safety and effectiveness, reaches out to connect seller and buyers consistently and proactively, responds to inquiries any time of the day or night promptly and courteously, cooperates with colleagues and representatives, provides full and accurate disclosure, resolves conflicts if and when they arise, and stands by the client firmly and compassionately if moods or conditions change. She has helped us sell our home in record time and at higher price than listed. Her estimates, intuitions and advice were spot on. We could not be more grateful. Otherwise, and more importantly, Lizi is an amazing human being, as good a friend and wife and mother as can be. She is community connected and compassionate. Her heart and home are open to her friends. Her family members, near and far, young and old, adore her. It is a privilege to be her client and her friend.


    We can't say enough good things about Lizi. In a tough market, she helped us find an amazing house for a fantastic price. In addition to being a skilled, dedicated and knowledgeable realtor, Lizi is a gem of a human being. We absolutely loved working with her. Consistently going above and beyond the call of duty, she was tireless and on top of every last detail. Every unforeseen challenge was met with a swift solution. She was always on call, answering our questions with patience and clarity. It is obvious that Lizi has been in the business for a long time, her knowledge about every aspect of home purchasing and ownership is immense. After we closed, Lizi continued to provide guidance and support, putting us in touch a professional (arborists, sewer experts, contractors, pavers etc.). If you are looking for a realtor, I can’t think of a more skilled, conscientious and wonderful choice than Lizi.


    Lizi was a phenomenal realtor to work with. My family and I had to make a quick transition to the Bay area from Chicago, with extremely tight timelines. Not only did Lizi meet our expectations, but she far exceeded them. She is the consummate professional: knowledgeable, responsive, punctual, and communicative. Her extensive experience on and around the Peninsula was a singular advantage for our family, especially when choosing schools for our 12-year old daughter. Lizi was never out of reach, day or night, and always provided sound advice on the nuances of pricing and the idiosyncrasies of the Bay Area real estate market. I would HIGHLY recommend Lizi to anyone looking for a home on the Peninsula. We will not hesitate to use her services in the future. It was a wonderful experience and we are very happy in our new San Carlos home!


    Lizi is dedicated to find your dream home. As first-time home buyers, the entire process of figuring out what you like, finding the house you love, making an offer at the right price, and closing the deal to make it yours, can seem very daunting and stressful. But, you can count on Lizi to help you and guide you through the entire journey. Lizi always greeted us with a big hug every week we met to go look at open houses, never pushed us to settle on a house we didn't like, encouraged us through all the ups and downs during the search that there will be a house you will walk in and instantly fall in love with, and was very helpful closing the deal once we found the house we were looking for. She's always on your side to represent your best interest. You won't regret working with Lizi.

  • JULIA S.

    Lizi is amazing. She is attentive and professional and above all, an expert in Bay Area neighborhoods. Lizi worked with us to match our wish list and budget with neighborhoods and the market. Her personality and compassion throughout the process made the search enjoyable. We were always confident with Lizi as our ambassador. She was an awesome negotiator and really took care of us through the entire process: homing in on neighborhoods, being our 2nd opinion (she has excellent taste!), a knowledgeable and experienced set of eyes on all paperwork, offer presentations, negotiations, closing procedures, coordinating rent-back, and being all around wonderful and helpful throughout. Lizi made our wish list a reality. We cannot recommend her highly enough!


    Lizi is simply awesome. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends, whomever I care. She is very knowledgeable about the SF peninsula area, has a great network, is detailed oriented, and the most of all, she CARES about you. Once you start working with her, you would not just be one of her clients. She will take care of you just like she would do for her friends or family. She always puts your needs as a top priority, and respects your decision and will. Moreover, she works extremely hard, and is very responsive (email, text, and phone), and does her best to be always available for you. She just goes above and beyond, and my husband and I are always impressed about her energy, which we really appreciate.

  • YOSHA U.

    We met Lizi by accident at the beginning of our house hunting journey at an open house she was hosting. We hit it off immediate and quickly established a sense of trust. When the search kicked off in earnest, a few weeks later, we called Lizi. Throughout the search Lizi has not only been a great partner by understanding what we were looking for, but she has become a friend. In a very difficult market for buyers, Lizi guidance has been invaluable. We stayed the course and finally got a house, only to go through a pro-longed close period. Once again, Lizi's guidance and tenacity gave us the confidence not to walk away...and now we have the house we love and that also is a great investment!

  • JOSE V.

    It's a bit hard to describe Lizi's work as a Realtor as she makes you feel more like family. Her professionalism, enthusiastic approach and service make you feel like you are family more than a client. She helped us get our first home in the peninsula which is probably one of the hardest markets to buy a house in the nation. She always encouraged us and never hesitated to help us. We never felt like she was busy and always made the time to deal with us in a personal way. Our daughters love her and now call her Aunt Lizi. If you are looking for a level of service beyond what you are accustomed to sign up with Lizi. She is the best and will go up to bat for your interests every time.

  • RULA T.

    I've had the pleasure of working with Lizi on a real estate transaction, where she represented our family in the deal. Lizi has expert knowledge of real estate market conditions in the Bay Area. She is an impressive negotiator who will fight for her clients. She is trustworthy and will give you her honest opinion. She has a can-do attitude and will make the deal happen. Her attention to detail in negotiations, contract review and follow up is superb. Lizi is also fully dedicated to her clients, and is always available for them. Her professionalism aside, Lizi is a wonderful lady, a friend you gain for life once you have the privilege of working with her.

  • SCOTT R.

    Proposition, but Lizi helped make it a reality for my wife and me. As first-time homebuyers, we felt very lucky to have been paired with her. Lizi's long term experience in the industry, detailed knowledge of the bay area places and people, attention to detail, and incredible responsiveness made her a very effective partner. She is also very good at the people side of things, helping us through some difficult parts of the process, and making us feel okay about our progress the entirE way. If you're looking for an agent, we strongly recommend you reach out to Lizi. We can't recommend her enough.

  • WIL L.

    Lizi has been our real estate agent for over 4 years and she has helped us purchase 2 homes in the bay area as well as sell our first home. We did very well in all 3 transactions compared to the market average and couldn't be more pleased with the outcome and the entire process. Lizi is incredible to work with, very personable, extremely well-connected (this is very important in this business), an expert in her trade, and is 200% dedicated to us and our interest. She has our highest recommendation and is the only person we would consider referring our friends and families to.

  • CAN B.

    I would highly recommend Lizi for prospective home buyers in the Peninsula area. Lizi is has extensive knowledge on the Peninsula Real Estate market. Working with Lizi as first-time home buyers, she was great in educating us about the market and what we should target in our price range. She was always on time for our appointments. After our purchase, she continued to help us by providing recommendations for contractors. Last but not least, she is highly personable and great to work with. Working with Lizi we were able to find the right home for us. Highly recommended!


    My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Lizi on our first home buying experience. For someone that has never dealt with this kind of process, Lizi lead us in every step of the way. Whether it was recommending areas to look for based on our criteria, helping us understand the mounds of paperwork, or just being someone to bounce potential paint ideas off of, Lizi was a total professional. You could tell Lizi was as invested in us finding our perfect home as much as my wife and I were. If you ever have the option of working with her, you should absolutely do it!


    Lizi is a fantastic agent! My wife and I were first-time home buyers and Lizi did an amazing job of not only guiding us through the buying process, but also showing us anything and everything to make sure we were completely informed. We could not be happier with the outcome and it is all thanks to Lizi. She was extremely knowledgeable about the market and genuinely made our happiness top priority. I would strongly recommend Lizi for her real estate expertise as well as her personal touch that makes you feel as though she is working for you and no one else.


    My girlfriend and I used Lizi as our real estate agent. Thanks to her, we bought a stunning condo in the Mission district of San Francisco. I really appreciate interacting with Lizi. She was available 24/7 to help us and answer any questions. Throughout the process, she always had our best interest in mind, and gave us on-point recommendations. In a few words, Lizi is upbeat, hard-working, dependable, amazing and truly kindhearted. I will definitely use her services for our next home and would highly recommend her to anyone.


    My girlfriend and I used Lizi as our real estate agent. Thanks to her, we bought a stunning condo in the Mission district of San Francisco. I really appreciated interacting with Lizi. She was available 24/7 to help us and answer any questions. Throughout the process, she always had our best interest in mind, and gave us on point recommendations. In a few words, Lizi is upbeat, hard working, dependable, amazing and truly kindhearted. I will definitely use her services for my next home, and would highly recommend her to anyone.

  • ANITA Y.

    Lizi is a Rockstar! Calling her a "realtor" doesn't do justice to what she actually does. She is detailed, persistent, and smart. During our home buying process, Lizi was our voice of reason, constant supporter, and most dependable friend. She will make you feel like her most important client. She knows the Bay Area real estate market, she has all the right connections, and she knows how to get your offer accepted. Lizi was the secret weapon in our successful home search and we are so glad we had her on our side!

  • ANA G.

    Lizi represented us as we were making our big move from the city to the Peninsula. With her help, we found a home that met our desires: good school district, outdoor space, in our price range, etc. She helped us stay calm, keep things in perspective, and get through what was sometimes a difficult negotiation process. She has such a warm, vibrant personality - that's why many of her clients have remained not only in contact with her, but also have become friends of hers.


    Lizi did a fabulous job selling our house. Despite a softened market, Lizi was able to get us a great price, and a very quick close. Lizi was reassuring and calm during the entire transaction, and was great with providing feedback. She provided me with a detailed report after every open house regarding how many viewers looked at the property and agent/client feedback. A onsummate professional and a real estate guru beyond compare. I highly recommend Lizi and her team.


    Simply put, Lizi is awesome to work with. She worked tirelessly to find and get us into a place that we now call home. Lizi sincerely cared about getting us into the right place. It felt like she was truly looking out for us and always had our long-term happiness as a top priority. She was patient and understanding during what was a very much stressful time for us. I already have and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor.

  • DAVID M.

    Lizi is truly an amazing real estate professional. Not only does she understand the complex intricacies of San Francisco Bay's complex real estate market, but she has an acute sense of value and is one of the toughest negotiators I've seen on behalf of her clients. Her utmost sense of integrity and professional conscience makes her the best choice for any real estate transaction in the region. I would work with Lizi again in a breeze.


    Lizi helped us find our home after our long search in a competitive market. She has a very positive attitude, and was dedicated to helping us find the right home. She is very loyal to her clients and will always ensure they are fairly represented. Lizi is very hardworking, making sure we were well informed for every decision throughout the process. Her follow through even after the purchase was spectacular.


    Lizi did a great job compiling excellent data on the area. She then checked each comparable and other relevant listing. Her pricing recommendation was perfect. She did a prime job marketing the property and the end result was a very short days on market and a fast close. All along her handling of the transaction was very professional and her expertise and knowledge impeccable.


    Lizi is one of the best real estate agents I have worked with. Shies professional, knowledgeable, and best of all, personable. Her network in real estate ranges from contractors to furniture stagers, all who were incredibly great to work with. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends. Thank you Lizi.

  • A. CORNU.

    To buy a first real estate with Lizi becomes an easy step! Thanks to her professionalism, listening, and availability. She accompanied us every stage of this purchase, and reassured us whenever it was necessary. Lizi is very responsive and I could not recommend a better agent to buy a property!


    To buy a first real estate with Lizi becomes an easy step. Thanks to her professionalism, listening, and availability. She accompanied us at every stage of this purchase, and reassured us whenever it was necessary. Lizi is very responsive and I could not recommend better agent to buy a property.

  • SUSAN B.

    Lizi is a friend and business colleague. She worked tirelessly to first secure a tenant and then to sell property for us. She was awesome creative and worked very hard to secure a buyer inane otherwise difficult market. Lizi is the very best real estate agent I know in the SF Bay Area.


    Lizi was extremely helpful in finding a home in the tough Bay area. She has lots of knowledge of neighborhoods, schools and communities. She will take care of you from start to finish and beyond! She was always there to give advice, listen and get you through the stressful process.


    Lizi is not only talented and knowledgeable in her field of Bay Area real estate but also a pleasure to work with, easy going and fun! She is a great guide on the ins and outs of home purchasing and she does it with a smile. We love working with Lizi.

  • TANYA R.

    Lizi was great from start to finish. Detail oriented all the way. Shewa’s our insider with all the local knowledge when we first moved to the Bay Area. We're very happy to now call her a good friend. When we next move we know who to call!

  • DANNY H.

    Lizi is an amazing person to work with, she always has the best interest of her clients. She is a person of great integrity, punctual, amazing knowledge of the market, thinks outside the box, and a person you can rely on.

  • GARY H.

    Lizi is the best Agent I have ever worked with. She has amazing skills and a tireless work ethic. She represents herself and her clients with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend her.

  • REMO G.

    Lizi is a top-notch professional who takes great pride in providing exceptional service. Her hard work and insight to the real estate market helped me sell my home in a period of rapidly declining prices.


    Lizi is an awesome realtor to work with! She really takes the time to get to know her clients and provide the best service possible. She is detail orientated, patient, and kind. I highly recommend her!


    Lizi is a top-tier agent. She's diligent, knows the market and is great to work with. If you want someone who protects your interests as if their own, look no further.


    Lizi is awesome, she understood pretty quickly what we wanted, and what not and provided invaluable advice. Thank YOU Lizi!


    Lizi is changing lives one home at a time.


    I had the honor to work with Lizi and she helped me to buy a beautiful house that I dreamed of. At first sight, I felt her sincerity. She is very approachable and responsive. She cares about her customers from the heart all the time. With her great experiences and networking, she made me feel reliable and successful. She is definitely someone that I want to recommend to my family and friends.


    What a pleasure to work with Lizi! Always so patient and knowledgeable. She made everything so easy from start to finish. Lizi also always provided her honest opinion which we appreciated. We highly recommend Lizi.

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    Lizi’s integrity and negotiation skills supplement her acute sense of values, especially in a competitive Bay Area real estate market environment. Lizi surrounds herself with exceptional trade and professional resources that she puts at the disposition of her clients.

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